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Remy Martin VSOP Cognac 70cl

Picture of Remy Martin VSOP Cognac 70cl

The new expression of Rémy Martin VSOP comes from the finishing period of the eaux-de-vie that takes place after the final blend, at the end of the ageing process.

During one year, the eaux-de-vie are stored exclusively in mature Limousin oak casks that are more than 20 years old, enhancing their fruity notes: this is what is called the Mature Cask Finish.

The eaux-de-vie come exclusively from the most sought-after vineyards of Cognac: Grande Champagne & Petite Champagne. They offer an exceptional ageing potential & are known as Cognac Fine Champagne.

Colour: Bright coppery gold
Fruity notes: apricot and peach
Floral notes: violet, rose
Spicy notes: sweet vanilla
Texture: Silky
Finish: Perfect balance & harmony, remarkably well-rounded

Discover its balance & roundness neat, on ice or in cocktails.


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