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Juvé y Camps Reserva de Familia Brut Cava

Picture of Juvé y Camps Reserva de Familia Brut Cava

Juvé y Camps Reserva de Familia Brut Cava

Juve y Camps is a family-owned winery located in San Sadurni d'Anoia, a small town in the Penedes region, not far from Barcelona, in northeastern Spain. It was founded in 1921 by Joa Juve Baques and his wife Teresa Camps Farre. Today the family owns 2,700 acres of vineyards, divided into three properties where they grow the three native varietals used to make cava: Parellada, Macabeo and Xarel.lo. Since the winery was founded, its philosophy has been to use only traditional, high quality practices when making its cavas and still wines. Their Cavas would rival top quality champagne.

A 'brut nature' (dry) style of Cava in which there is no extra sugar added after the second fermentation. Bone dry and well refined, this could easily be confused with a good quality Champagne, without the price tag to match!


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