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Bertha's Revenge Irish Milk Gin 70cl

Picture of Bertha's Revenge Irish Milk Gin 70cl

Commercial Description: We are now distilling gin. It's called Bertha's Revenge. We spent eight months tweaking our recipe in our copper stills at Ballyvolane House. We are really pleased with the final cut and we hope you will be too. We are using whey alcohol as our base spirit (most spirits are made using barley or wheat grain spirit). Milk is separated in to curds and whey. The curds go on to become cheese but the whey has traditionally been regarded as a waste product. Special yeasts have been developed and are added to the whey to convert  the milk sugars into alcohol. This is then distilled to produce a very high quality whey spirit and this is what we are distilling along with our 18 different botanicals. We are the first Irish distillery to produce Small Batch Irish Milk Gin from whey alcohol.

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